Jüm-Jüm (1967) (en)

Jüm-Jüm 1967
  • Original title: Jüm-Jüm
  • Evaluation: 5 (Votes: 3)
  • Release date 1967-12-29 (1967)

Jüm-Jüm Download - In “jüm-jüm” by Dore 0. and Werner Nekes, a girl swings for 10 minutes in front of a movie screen, on which is painted a phallus (slightly abstract and fairly large) The perspective is such that the girl appears to be swinging into and out of the phallus. It one is content to see through the specific event. the work exhausts itself in a trivial aspect, the literary. This is most comfortable for the critic: the literary content of a work is easiest to reproduce in a literary form of criticism. - http://wernernekes.de/00_cms/cms/front_content.php?idart=550
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