Amor de Perdição (1921) (en)

Amor de Perdição 1921
  • Original title: Amor de Perdição
  • Evaluation: 0 (Votes: 0)
  • Release date 1921-11-09 (1921)
  • Genres: Drama, Romance, Family

Amor de Perdição Download - Simão loves Teresa whose father wants her to marry cousin Baltazar instead. The two lovers meet secretly; Baltazar pays a thug to kill his rival, and Simão is badly wounded. Teresa is forced into a convent. Mariana - who secretly loves Simão - treats him, and helps him to escape. SPOILERS AHEAD Baltazar intervenes, and this time the two rivals fight, and one of them dies. The love story will end tragically to the survivors. Simão is sentenced to prison in India - which amounts to a death sentence. Mariana goes with him, but neither will survive the voyage. Teresa dies in her convent, after receiving a last love letter from Simão.
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